Start A Sports Podcast

Share with your buds.

If you’re a true sports fan no doubt you have listened to/watched a few sports podcasts where you thought, either a) You could do this and b) They have no clue what they are talking about.

If you are someone who has thought this and have a few like minded friends, why not start your own sports podcast?  It’s not hard to do, and why not??   If you get together with your friends and talk sports, why not record it and share it?

If you are serious about starting a podcast, we’ll get you rolling.  We’ll even promote your sports podcast right here on Sports Fans TV.


How to get started:

1.   You need to get a Twitter and Instagram handle registered.   If you already have a Twitter or Instagram account move on to number #2.

2.  Need to have a SoundCloud or YouTube account set up.  SoundCloud is an app, whereby you can use your phone to do the (voice) podcast with you and friends.  With YouTube, you’ll need a webcam and laptop with which to record a podcast video.   LogicTech webcams are good ones to buy and not too expensive.  NOTE:  This is the bare minimum equipement that is needed.  You don’t need to go high-end when you first start.  Once you find out if your sports podcast gains in popularity, you can always upgrade to using microphones, etc.

3.  Once you have your social media accounts and your equipment secured.   You’re good to go.   Now you just need to decide who amongst your family or friends know enough about sports and teams to make a podcast interesting.  Mind you, when you first get started, it will sound rough.  The trick is to get doing them.  You’ll get better.  You can also invite “guests” on your show to switch things up from time to time.

4.  After you’ve recorded a few podcasts, you can then send us a link via our contact page.   We’ll review the podcast to ensure minimum viability.  We’ll then get back with you within (1) business day to let you know if your podcast will get promoted on the Sports Fans network.    We are looking for podcasts that are informative, entertaining and direct.  They certainly don’t need to be PG rated.   If we need to we’ll let viewers know the content may not be safe for work.

We fans are tired of same boring podcasts which talk about the same players over and over.   You can mix sports and entertainment talk into your podcast, but we HIGHLY encourage you to leave out heavy politics.  From time to time, politics does come up, but sports fans generally are tired of politics.  Just ask ESPN.

GOOD LUCK!  Remember, when you have a podcast ready to go, send us a link.